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Translations and Proofreading

Accurate, fast, and professional

We translate from most language of the world, and from Croatian to other languages. We have more than 500 language centers in 70 countries worldwide, so we are able to complete translating or proofreading tasks of high quality.


We need 24 hours for the translation of one page, depending on how complicated the text is, and the current workload of the translators. Even though we will complete your translation in as short a time as possible, please foresee an extra day so that we can check it once again for quality control.


If you have a completed translation, you can give it us to proofread for you. We have a team of highly educated native speakers who will edit your translation to include the spirit of the language and the level of professionalism your text demands.

For any question about our services or products, please contact us. We are happy to provide you with detailed information.

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