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If you are looking for a way to take group lessons with a native speaker trainer but travel too often to consistently attend a lesson in a specific location, then consider the Virtual Group Instruction course offered at Berlitz. This course sees you working with a competent Berlitz trainer dedicated to helping you achieve your personal and professional language goals in a group setting with 3-5 participants, and all you need to get to class is an internet connection. What’s more, opting to learn a language online in the virtual course grants you access to a wide variety of useful materials compiled by specialists at Berlitz.

  • Introduction module that ideally prepares you for the virtual classroom
  • Supporting course materials, including books and CDs
  • Defined syllabus, progress checks, final test
  • Recording function that allows you to repeat lessons at any time
  • Continual feedback and interim reports

The benefits of the Virtual Group Instruction course are clear: you save time and money and have a more flexible schedule. The progress checks and interim reports allow you to monitor your progress throughout the course, and the final examination makes it possible to track and measure your overall improvement.

Moreover, the ability to re-watch lessons and to use your course materials at any time means you can continue pursuing your goals even when you are not logged into the virtual classroom.

Berlitz works with you to determine what course placement is best for you based on your current level of proficiency. Your assessment test is free of charge and is the first step toward achieving your language goals in a group setting. With competent trainers, effective materials, and the flexibility of a virtual classroom, there is nothing standing between you and success.

Contact your local Berlitz center to get more information about booking a course in the Berlitz Virtual Classroom.

For any question about our services or products, please contact us via e-mail. We are happy to provide you with detailed information.
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