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The Berlitz International Camps make learning languages an international adventure

Learn a language in the country it’s spoken in. Leading to a path of future success, the Berlitz International Camps are the ideal solution to develop an understanding of diversity, logical thinking, and presentation skills. Through the perfect combination of fun and learning, you can explore the culture behind the language and enhance your understanding of the multicultural world in which we live. The camps are held both in summer and winter and are offered during school vacation periods throughout the year.

Make international friends while learning together

  • Learn interviewing and presentation techniques
  • Gain confidence through the positive reinforcement of the highly qualified Berlitz teachers
  • Share a unique time with new friends all over the world
  • Participate in stimulating, fun activities and workshops
  • Be completely immersed in a foreign language environment that encourages speaking

Immersed in the language

A major element of the Berlitz Method® is complete immersion in the target language. Campers are encouraged to speak their target language outside of lessons with other children, as many campers do not share the same native tongue. The exciting activities keep you moving so that you are learning a language while engaged in something else entirely. This significantly increases confidence in your ability to communicate in a foreign language, and that confidence will remain long after you return home from camp.

Every Berlitz trainer is a native speaker of the language he teaches, and each trainer has the skills needed to keep you motivated throughout the camp experience. What’s more, lessons are customized to fit your specific needs in the lesson, ensuring a unique experience designed to achieve the highest level of success by the end of camp.

The Berlitz international camps are conveniently scheduled during regular school holidays throughout the year, giving you the flexibility in planning an unforgettable experience. Contact your local Berlitz center for more information about camp dates and locations.

Take a look at our INTERNATIONAL CAMPS SITE and find out everything about the european destinations.

For any question about our services or products, please contact us. We are happy to provide you with detailed information.

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