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Teens courses for ages 16 and up


Language learning for teens ages 16 and up


Lead the way and find your place in the global community.

CEFR level: A1 – C1

Impact does more than teach English, it helps learners to better understand themselves, each other, and the world they live in. By encouraging self-expression, global citizenship and active participation, Impact motivates students to discover who they are and who they want to be. We teach students to understand complex and detailed information from extended discussions and dialogues, and convey their viewpoints on difficult issues.
After Impact, we have a range of specialist materials to meet the needs of your child as they transition to

Materials for other languages: Cosmopolite (French), Mit Uns Starten Wir! (German), Etapas Plus (Spanish).

Berlitz Method®

At Berlitz, we believe that learning foreign languages is an experience that you can enjoy at any time of your life. Regardless whether you’re learning a language to make new friends, travel the world, pass a test at school, enroll in your desired university, or get a dream job, we have a solution that will help you achieve your goals. For more than 140 years, our unique method has helped people communicate with ease. Learning through language immersion, individually or in small groups, with instructors who are native speakers is a guarantee that young learners at any level will quickly learn to speak a new language. We invest in our instructors who are ready to lead learners on the path to fulfil their full potential. Our team of instructors comes from all over the world and they infuse every lesson with cultural diversity and excitement.

Contact your local Berlitz center today in order to give your child an opportunity for success that will last them a lifetime.

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Why Berlitz Kids and Teens?



The Berlitz Method focuses on real-life situations and activities making learning a language effective, enjoyable, and meaningful for young learners.

  • Real-life situations and topics
  • Stimulating activities and games
  • Lessons conducted in the target language (full immersion)
  • Maximized student’s talking time
  • Native instructors from all around the world


Our unique learning cycle allows students and their parents to track progress, measure improvement and celebrate achievements.

  • Initial placement test to adapt the program to the children’s needs
  • Regular milestones to track students’ progress (see our learning cycle)
  • One-on-one counseling sessions
  • Celebration of achievements and graduation parties


We provide flexible solutions for everyone.

  • In-person or live online classes
  • Small group and private lessons
  • After school classes, holiday camps, and intensive programs

Enriching and empowering

Our unique approach helps young learners develop world skills that prepare them for life.

  • Partnership with National Geographic Learning
  • Activities to help students connect and collaborate with different cultures
  • Character building experiences through classes and holiday camps
  • Opportunity to nurture qualities such as collaboration, problem-solving, and leadership.
  • Building confidence.

Learner’s feedback



We weren’t really aware of her true progress until we went on vacation abroad again and she found herself in a situation where she had to speak with foreigners. Last year, she was mostly quiet even though she knew the language. This year, it was as if she was a completely different person, talking, having fun, she found new friends; it was incredible! And she did it all with ease, she isn’t flustered if she doesn’t know something, she finds a simpler way to say it right away.

Fantastic, thank you!

Tomislav, dad


Lucija is delighted, it was fantastic. She had a wonderful experience and outing. She enjoys English, and always wants to go. Her pronunciation is better than mine, and she also likes the option of attending classes virtually.

Robert, dad


Marko really looks forward to Saturdays because of English class, which just confirms our truly positive opinion of the school and all who work there. He loves his teacher. Hats off to her for the energy and diversity she brings to every class.

Jasminka, mom


I’m incredibly satisfied with Marko’s progress. I could even say that he is equally shy in Croatian and English and he truly doesn’t have any problems using the language when he speaks and socializes with our friends who don’t speak Croatian. Also, his grades at school are excellent. Furthermore, I would like to mention the incredible professionalism from your team I have experienced as the mother of a learner. You truly provide a fantastic service to your learners, especially as far as monitoring progress and having an individualized approach to children goes, which we are especially grateful for. I truly consider classes for Marko at your center to be one of the best investments in my life.

Maruška, mom

Confidence boost

Ever since Petar has started attending Berlitz, everything he passively knew and learned at school for years just started coming out. It’s amazing, he speaks freely with no fear; incredible. Before, he didn’t even dare to start speaking with our friends who don’t understand Croatian, and now, after just one season, he actively uses everything he knows (and even experiments with things he doesn’t know).

Branko, dad


Thank you to his instructor for working with Tin, and for the beautiful comments on his progress! Tin is very satisfied with classes at Berlitz and will definitely continue to perfect his English at your center. I would like to thank everyone for managing to organize online classes in these challenging times so that our children can continue learning, even if it is at a distance. Although Tin misses in-person contact with his instructor and friends from the group, he is satisfied with the quality of online classes.

Alica, mom

Global skills

Thank you for the information regarding Iva’s progress in German and English. All the results are as expected. Iva is delighted with everything. We constantly hear praises about the instructors and the classes. Iva’s goal is to achieve the same level of success in learning German as she has with English. I think she’s on the right track, we have noticed a great difference in her German skills since she started working with you, and so we are truly satisfied.

Slavica, mom